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Everyone needs an income, so do I.

When I arrived in the Philippines, in June of 2013, I had the opportunity to start my own small business, Kako’s restaurant, in San Remigio, Cebu. The first two to three months were hard and the needed customers were not finding their way to my place. In the following months, little by little things started to look better. The word was spreading slowly and those with money to spend, foreigners living in or visiting Cebu, started to come our way. It looked as if, in the long term, we would make it. Still, it was a challenge and a calculated bet, but confidence and a strong will were present and those are essential ingredients for any kind of business when success is the goal.

Then everything changed…

On Friday November 8, 2013, San Remigio became the center of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. The whole Northern area of Cebu got hit by one of the largest typhoons ever. Along with 1000s of people who lost their houses and crops, we lost our business and income too. With nowhere to turn and no pile of money available we had to leave San Remigio and sell the stuff that we could recover after the typhoon.

Electricity and water were not available for about two weeks, this forced us to come to Cebu City where we tried to establish a relief mission, SOS San Remigio. Some help was offered but as can be expected not enough by far.

Since we had lost about everything, it was now our priority to find a place to stay. Life on the street is no life any person wants, I can attest to this, I’ve been there. I’ve lost everything multiple times before in Belgium, so from that point of view to lose everything again here in the Philippines was more like a very unpleasant déjà vu actually.

Luckily we were offered a room at the Lets-Share organization in Mactan, for as long as needed, until we find another solution and a new income.

The income possibilities, employment, for a foreigner are not all around. Most of the people here are poor themselves and can’t find a job, since opportunities are very limited in a developing country like the Philippines.

So I focus and try to find solutions on/through the internet. It’s not a walk in the park but I feel and I am convinced that an online occupation is within reach and is most likely the only alternative for the time being, considering the financial side of my situation (investing in another restaurant or the like is not possible).

With Alpha Vestigo I provide internet investigation services. This is in line with the news websites that I manage and the experience that this has brought along surely can be of great value for such investigative services.

Through Alpha Vestigo I provide my services for corporate, private and public internet investigations. Have a look at the website and when you’re in need of an online investigation it will be highly appreciated when we can work for you.

Aside from this, I can also create your basic HTML websites and I can run online marketing campaigns for your products and services. Do contact me for a free quote, whenever you require such services.