Terror Propaganda: Calendar 2014

There’s not a day that goes by without coming across some kind of propaganda that is intended to keep the false “war on terror” alive and in the public’s minds. One of those places where they eagerly promote the terrorism fabrication, in an attempt to keep the people well-brainwashed, is Israel’s Haaretz.

It cannot be denied that their current website header, an advertisement for the US National Counterterrorism Center’s Calendar 2014, serves as a tool to keep their audience in a state of fear:

haaretz, israel, terrorism

The NCTC’s 2014 website on their turn also uses a remarkable header for their site:

nctc, terrorism, calendar, 2014

The image is a scene from the Boston marathon bombings (the main theme for the site), a large-scale staged event, also known as a false flag, for which we wrote an extensive report: Impartial Investigation of the Explosions at the Boston Marathon 2013.”

Unfortunately, you will not find the truth about those bombings on the NCTC’s website, really a disappointment from our point of view. After all, what’s the purpose of such a site when you can’t find the truth on such a piece of professionalism?

Sadly, those who purposely created the Philippine super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda last November [1, 2] are also not mentioned on the calendar, although former US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen described such acts as “an eco- type of terrorism.”

Surely, you would expect to see the culprits who attacked Fukushima, Japan, their names listed on the calendar because attacking a country with nuclear devices, earthquakes and a tsunami certainly qualifies as terrorism. However, the March 11, 2011, attacks are not listed on the NCTC. A real bummer!

The truth about 9/11? … Nope, not there.

OK, so maybe at least Israel’s act of terror from last year, when they attacked Syria with nuclear weapons, is listed? … No, unfortunately not!

Hell, not even Bush or Obama are listed for their war crimes and drone attacks!

So there you have the proof, that Calendar is nothing but an expensive looking piece of propaganda rag. When you believe what is stated there, you’ll believe anything that the governments and the TV tell you. Even Paul Hellyer’s “aliens and UFOs” campaign will seem authentic to you.

Based on a Court Ruling: Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Establishment Media… Anywhere in the World

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For a minority of our society it’s already old news but for the majority the following information might come as a surprise. However, when one has even limited brain functions it should already have been clear for a while now.

In February of 2003 the American establishment media outlet Fox News, and thereby any other US news organization and medium, was granted the legal right to lie, conceal and distort information under protection of the US’ First Amendment.

In their 2003 court case Fox’s “attorneys argued that the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the airwaves.” This prompted the Florida Appeals court to rule in favor of Fox News.

Philly2Philly: “[Earlier], in 2000, journalist Jane Akre won $425,000 in a court ruling where she charged she was pressured by Fox News management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information.

The real information: she found out cows in Florida were being injected with RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce milk – and, according to FDA-redacted studies, unintentionally designed to make human beings produce cancer.

Fox lawyers, under pressure by the Monsanto Corporation (who produced RBGH), rewrote her report over 80 times to make it compatible with the company’s requests. She and her husband, journalist Steve Wilson, refused to air the edited segment.”

Since this case is dated all the way back to 2000-2003, that’s more than 10 years ago, one can only imagine the amount of lies and disinformation we’ve been getting pushed upon us.

Given the fact that practically all other mainstream news outlets around the world, in every country, blindfolded copy the reports that the US media publishes and broadcasts, it is fair and wise to assume that also those media outlets their news – from Belgium to Congo and from England to Australia – is tainted and that their accuracy cannot be guaranteed nor trusted.

Is it any wonder then why you will not find the truth reported by the mainstream media about 9/11 in the US and about 3/11 in Japan? Considering the mentioned court case, how much value should you put into the claims of Assange and Snowden? After all, we already know for a long time, long before Snowden and Assange came along, that we’re being spied on and that almost everything we do is being tracked by someone or something, somewhere.

As sad as it may seem, it is the truth nonetheless and everyone better accepts that truth for only then can we try to find solutions together.

So, allow me to take advantage of this occasion to refer you to some of my personal favorite websites where facts and truth are being put in the spotlights without censorship. They’ve been created especially because of the very reason that the establishment media lies and deliberately distorts news reports.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U4Ha9HQvMo