Snowden and the Psyops Ship

Anyone with even the slightest affiliation with the real truth movement and even the alternative media should really have and express some serious doubts about Mr Snowden and his role in the surveillance soap series.

First of all, he is claimed to have leaked documents that cover the bin Laden raid in 2011 [1, 2]. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but for me this alone exposes a LOT and enough because Osama bin Laden has been dead since 2001 [1, 2]!

Second, in his allegedly “censored” recent interview with a German reporter, Snowden talks about “the 5 eyes” of surveillance: the US, England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Conveniently he leaves out any information or reference about the 6th and all seeing eye, Israel, of which NICE is an important part. The fact that Snowden is not referring to Israel in anyway during this interview with a German reporter is so important that it should be mentioned here and now how Israel was and is involved in the sabotage and eco-terror in Fukushima, Japan [1, 2, 3].

Also according to Snowden, in this recent interview, he can’t leak certain things because they are too classified and therefore he leaves it up to journalists to decide what is in the public’s interest to know and what not to know. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bring up questions in the “alternative” media, with a few exceptions.

When zooming out here, I can’t get rid of the feeling that this whole thing serves the purpose of declaring a new state of society.

How do you make it clear to any population that you are on top of them all? That they should fear you!

By telling them so, by sending out a messenger.

Although fictional: How do people in the movie “1984” know the power of INGSOC? Because INGSOC tells them how powerful they are, whether they may even be bluffing on certain areas to impress the public perception.

Which brings me to the latest news of the day, and yesterday.


As I was reading the new article dated February 6, 2014, about that power station that came under attack last year in California, I came to the same conclusion as Jim Stone up to the same mind control transition paragraph.”

Infowars gives the impression that they broke a major story here, unfortunately for them there exists an article about that very power station and the involved sabotage and attack by Jim Stone. That article has been archived as early as April 18, 2013.

In addition and luckily for all of us Jim Stone saved us a copy of an article in which it is proven what has been assumed since April of last year, that on the day of the attack (the very moment) on that specific Californian power station making 911 emergency calls was not possible. Someone had sabotaged the landlines and in doing so had made sure that calling for backup from the rescue units would be in vain in anyway. This is a key fact that is not even mentioned in the February 6, 2014, article.

The February 6, 2014, article titled “In 19 Minutes, A Team Of Snipers Destroyed 17 Transformers At A Power Station In California,” written by The Truth Wins and parroted by Infowars, represents a major turning point in the history of the truth movement and the alternative media for it is the most important signal in recent years about the true intentions of certain elements in the “truth and alternative” media.

Earlier, we already had Paul Hellyer who tried to hijack a large part of the truth movement and who has succeeded in this to a great extent.

Now we have Infowars openly advocating for more surveillance and the full roll-out of a police state or even a police world. Read the February 6, 2014, article carefully and discover how in a subtle manner the real face and intentions are being shown. For a brief moment, the mask has come off.

In fact I was quite shocked to witness this for real.

The exposing of this transition could not be any more crucial, as Jim Stone pointed out.

Indeed, what we have here is the long-awaited undeniable sign and proof of what has been growing all along. Many attempts to discredit or expose Alex Jones and Infowars have failed because it was not obvious enough and the details or arguments could be questioned and debated. Now however, there is no room for speculation and no room for debunking anything.

It should be mentioned, for anyone who is positioned within the fast downsizing boundaries of the real truth movement that a page has been turned, that a new period has been entered and it was timestamped “February 6, 2014.”

Thousands of people still have to embark the lifeboats as they should obviously leave the psyops ship.

For me, as I wave the psyops ship goodbye while keeping an eye on it forever, I feel obligated to stand with Paul as he wrote:

  • “These Snowden revelations that were handed over to the press for controlled leakage to the public are …
    F**k it…
    This trove of docs is a controlled leak. So is Wikileaks, so is any Tom, Dick or Harry who gets a ton of press coverage in today’s mainstream media.
    The real leakers they are afraid of get killed like Hastings, at any cost, whether or not plausible deniability is plausible enough for the public to swallow.
    We’ve known all along that what everyone else thought was fiction created by conspiracy nuts is true because we can see it or evidence of it happening all around us. Any mainstream press coverage now is just letting the people too dumbed down to see it before know what’s really going on.
    Nothing will be released or allowed into the mainstream that could truly damage their agenda. Their control covers too much of the spectrum which is so widespread it’s like a self-healing network where if you punch a hole in one part another mechanism takes over to fill the gap before any real damage can be done.
    Quantum this, Prism that… it’s all think tank lingo… shit like that is MEANT to be publicized. It’s MEANT to seem powerful, ominous and sensational.
    All this crap is controlled.”

And to stand with even Jon Rappoport as he wrote:

  • “NSA? CIA? These guys live for high-level bullshit. They get down on their knees and worship it. They fall into a suicidal funk if they aren’t lying on at least three or four levels at once.”

So allow me to quote myself this once since the moment is so unique in many ways:

  • “When the world can be fooled to believe that 9/11 was not an inside job, then it’s child’s play to make some guys believe that they hit the motherload.”

Be sure to have a look at this bizarre interview as well, even if only for the fun of it:

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