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Trying to make a change in the world is already an important step and when your efforts are also successful and bring results along then someone’s life has improved, even if only for a minute. After all, you did your best and a gift in any form should not be judged.

Charity is of great importance to me because too many awful situations exist, so anyone who’s able to do so should at least try to find and join a cause. How small it even may seem at first sight, doesn’t really matter. It’s the small things that become the big deals.

In 2009, I started out with assisting Help Health Philippines (now going by the name Help Health Development e.V.), a German-Philippine nonprofit organization that tries very hard to improve the lives of the most unfortunate people in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

As a promotional assistant for Help Health I introduced their activities to the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait (MJTP), a recognized and respected community dedicated to continuing Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy. This allowed me to become a member of MJTP’s Michael’s Angels.

As time went on, I started my own projects and organization. The first project was Hagnaya Health Care & Development, now going by the name Hagnaya Development Projects. The aim of this project is to provide support with development, education and road construction projects in Hagnaya, Cebu, Philippines.

My first organization was Start2Care, an honest attempt to unite charity and peace organizations from around the world. But due to the horrible attitude of the Belgian government I had to dissolve the organization one year later. The government was claiming income taxes from my nonprofit organization, even though we only received two donations, one of 10 euro and one time 5 euro. We sold about 10 T-shirts, each at 15 euro. However, the government said we were making money so we had to pay taxes, 300 euro every quarter. On top of this we were forced to hire a really good but expensive accountant, this cost me 3,000 euro per year. This doesn’t sound much but if you have almost nothing, it’s a big amount to pay. As you can imagine, we were unable to continue the organization and eventually I told the accountant to stop all activities.

Now, I must add, I assume that the pressure of the government may have to do with something else. However, I cannot prove this and for now it’s only a guess. I mean, why would a government not want anyone to be active with his or her own charity organization? It’s not like you’re breaking any laws or so. But, during the final days of Start2Care, we were campaigning against legal pedophilia, yes you read that right, legal pedophilia. The petition is still online.

The case was about a Dutch organization, Martijn, who advocated the acceptance of having intimate relations with minors. The head of that pedophile organization, Marthijn Uittenbogaard, was even on national TV in the Netherlands advertising his beliefs. It was really disgusting to witness him doing that. On TV! Come on now, what kind of sick world is this? So we set out and started spreading flyers, leaflets, in Ghent, about  the case and requesting people to sign the petition.

The Dutch courts claimed that they couldn’t shut down the Martijn organization, due to freedom of expression. I believe in that right, but these are illegal and criminal practices that we’re talking about here. Someone had to sue and bring down this monster.

We were not the one to sue them though, we hardly had funds for our own organization. A lawsuit followed in the Netherlands and the court ordered the organization to be dissolved. But that was not the end, it turns out that a new court case was organized and in April of 2013 the Dutch court ruled that the Martijn organization can exist and continue their practices. Claiming that “although the work of the organization is contradictory to public order, there is no evidence leading to a threat of disrupting the society.” Can you believe that? This makes my stomach turn, it makes me sick to witness this again. The fact that even a judge has no problem with this kind of behavior makes it very clear what kind of society mankind has allowed to be created. Damn perverts!

I’m sure that the judge, in some way, was pressured by politicians who felt that their dark secrets were about to be exposed to the world if they let the Martijn case unfold without interference. Even in Belgium, certain politicians are guilty of pedophilia but the coverup is all around and very real. No one, of the politicians, except for one French speaking guy from Wallonia, even dares to address the issue.

So with Start2Care, we were campaigning at the  university of Ghent and on the streets, to make people aware of the Martijn case and to point out how dangerous it is. Even more so because in Belgium we already had a much worse case with Marc Dutroux. That guy kidnapped children and murdered them after politicians had finished doing their thing with these children. The children were ordered, like you order a pizza, by those politicians. On the Dutch TV they even broadcasted a documentary about that. Dossier X (Belgian X-Files), where Regina Louf, one of the witnesses and victims of the whole pedophile network, talked openly about the events. If I recall correctly, it covered multiple decades 70s, 80s, 90s.

But there’s another reason why I also assume that the Belgian government has put pressure on my organization, knowing that I had very little financial power. I discovered that the Flemish government is running an unlawful additional healthcare scheme. It’s about the Vlaamse Zorgkas. It’s a financial construction to collect additional taxes, disguised as a membership fee to a nonprofit organization going by the same name VZW Vlaamse Zorgkas. I discovered that they, the Flemish government, are telling the citizens of Flanders that they have to pay this membership fee, by law, to the nonprofit organization. I did research on it and it turns out that the Flemish government bases their claims on a local Flemish decree, which is subordinate to the Belgian constitution on freedom of association. I can prove the whole thing and I can prove that they tried to bribe me, to keep the genie in the bottle. They failed, I exposed their whole scam, yet, how unbelievable it may sound, almost no one in Flanders, the citizens I mean, seems to  care the slightest bit. It seems they are fine with the legalized corruption and so about 4 million Flemish citizens keep on paying the illegal tax, unaware of the truth or unwilling to face it. You can find the whole case (Dossier VZK) online, it’s written in Dutch.

So, that’s how Start2Care unfortunately ended.

Of course, in the one year that Start2Care was active we got in contact with a lot of people from around the world, since we were running online promotional campaigns in more than 75 countries, and some very valuable contacts still exist.

One of these contacts is, a Dutch nonprofit organization primarily active in the Philippines. At I manage the Belgian channel. With the organization we focus on simple yet joyful things. We try to make children smile and we provide venues to people who want to sponsor a (development) project in the Philippines. People who donate their money can follow how it’s being spent since everything is documented on camera. It’s a successful and transparent method of running charity projects.

In the aftermath of the 2013 typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda I also launched a relief mission, SOS San Remigio, an attempt to help the communities in the Northern part of Cebu that have been hit by the typhoon. Thousands of people have lost everything and they can use all the help they can get.

In June of 2013, I left Belgium and moved to the Philippines. A few months earlier I started a new project called True Charity. I specifically did this with the intention to promote other honest causes and organizations. Yet, following a personal rule of not promoting any sort of organizations such as WWF or Greenpeace. There are three good reasons for that.

The first reason is because Prince Philip of the WWF literally looks down on humanity, he believes that humanity is a plague on Earth. The second reason is because Greenpeace refuses to address ‘chemtrails.’ Now, we all know that chemtrails are a hazard to our health and to the environment, and we know that geo-engineering techniques such as solar radiation management are real, yet Greenpeace does not show any signs that they are opposed to chemtrails and geo-engineering.

The third and most important reason for not supporting nor promoting WWF, Greenpeace and the like is because all these organizations commit themselves 100% to the United Nations their Agenda 21. An actual agenda known to be a threat to mankind in every imaginable way. From human rights such as freedom of speech to the very basics in education, it’s all under attack by Agenda 21 [1, 2].

So yes, I know a few things about charity and I know the bad apples, which everyone should.

As this is my “Full-Spectrum” website this is the kind of information you will find here, completely uncensored!